Axiom – Business Sustainability Digest – Feb 2022

A Round-up of Sustainability News From Across the Globe

UK retailers cut $10 bln of contracts from unethical suppliers – Barclays | Reuters 

British retailers have cancelled £7.1 billion in contracts over the last year with suppliers that do not meet their ethical and sustainability standards.

It’s a clear message to businesses – having a robust ESG strategy in place is no longer ‘nice to have’, it’s an essential part of doing business. 

‘Landmark results’: Scientists hail fusion breakthrough’s huge potential for climate action | Business Green News 

Scientists are celebrating a new record for nuclear fusion – taking the world another step closer towards practical fusion power. 

While this is a fantastic achievement, fusion power is still decades away. It’s unlikely to have any impact on the ambitious targets set to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

No silver-bullet solutions for saving used planet | BBC News 

With much of the planet already ‘used-up’, leading scientists believe the world has hard choices to make over how to use land to solve the sustainability crisis while providing enough food and opportunities for people. 

There is no easy solution, and we’re going to have to invest in better land management if we’re going to build a better future for people and planet. 

We Cannot Recycle Our Way Out Of The Plastic Crisis, Warns WWF | 

 A new report from the WWF warns that there are “significant concerns” around chemical plastic recycling systems – which may not increase recycling rates, and could be harmful for human health.

While recycling is part of the solution, it isn’t enough – we need to look at ways to reduce and reuse plastic if we’re going to solve the plastic problem. 

Waste Not, Want Not: Retailers Collaborate With Food Initiative To Tackle $26 Billion Problem | 

A sustainable food initiative in the North East of England – is on track to deliver 1 million meals by the end of the year. Using surplus and unwanted food (as a result of overproduction, food imperfections or damaged packaging), it’s helping to drive down waste while helping people to offset the cost of living.

It’s a fantastic initiative, and evidence of the power of collaboration when it comes to tackling food waste, poverty and sustainability.

California Senate Passes Bill for First Law in US Requiring Companies to Disclose all GHG Emissions |

The California Senate has passed the Climate Corporate Accountability Act (CCAA) – the first law in the U.S. reThe California Senate has passed the Climate Corporate Accountability Act (CCAA) – the first law in the U.S. requiring large companies (over $1 billion in gross annual revenue) to disclose all of their greenhouse gas emissions. It covers Scopes 1, 2 and 3, in a similar way to here in the UK with SECR reporting.

This is real progress, and hopefully, will be a blueprint for the rest of the US states to follow – measurement is an essential step on the road to sustainable change!

Shell’s Cansolv CO2 Carbon Capture Technology at VPI Immingham

Shell Catalysts & Technologies was appointed by the Humber Zero project to provide carbon capture technology to capture millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the VPI Immingham combined heat-and-power station.

Carbon capture is an exciting prospect, and it’s great to see the technology being used locally as we work towards Net Zero. At the same time, it’s important to recognise that long term, we need to be looking at ways to reduce the production of GHG, rather than simply removing them. 

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