Supply Chain Mapping

Take Control of Your Carbon Footprint

Track raw materials back to the source with AXIOM

Build a complete picture of your supply chain with AXIOM supply chain mapping.

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Providing clear traceability for all your raw materials right back to the source, AXIOM empowers you to gain complete visibility and enhanced control over your extended supply chain.

End to End Mapping

Getting a complete, up to date picture of the entire supply chain provides a strong platform for your sustainability programme - delivering real benefits:1

  • Meet due diligence – build comprehensive reports to satisfy the most stringent due diligence and disclosure requests.
  • Reduce risk – get the insights you need to reduce risk to your reputation and bottom line.
  • Increase resilience – know where your materials are coming from to strengthen your supply chain.
  • Improve sustainability – identify problem areas and make the right changes to build a sustainable supply chain.
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