Sustainability Across The Supply Chain.

Improving sustainability doesn’t end with your own operations – it means looking at the complete supply chain. Measure Scope 3 emissions, estimate the carbon footprint of your suppliers and make reporting easy with Axiom. Axiom automatically transforms all your supplier spend data into emissions data – giving you an overview of:

  • Your Total Scope 3 Carbon Footprint
  • Key Areas and Industries Contributing to Your Emissions
  • The Largest Emitters in Your Supply Chain

Turn this data into reports to stay compliant, and use it as a valuable starting point for further analysis, supplier engagement and to prioritise key emission areas as part of your carbon reduction strategy.

The Features

  • Calculate.
  • Report.
  • Analyse.


Quickly turn spend data into emissions data.

Complete coverage

Estimate and evaluate Scope 3 emissions across all 15 GHG categories.


Pull Scope 3 data together with other emissions to create a complete picture of your carbon footprint.


Automatically create reports for SECR compliance.


Visualise the locations of your suppliers and their impact on your emissions.

How it works.

  • Quick.
  • Easy.
  • Automatic.


Input data about supplier spend into Axiom.


Axiom calculates how much each supplier contributes to your emissions by spend.


Axiom provides a clear overview of your Scope 3 carbon footprint.


Use insights to inform your strategy and engage with suppliers on carbon savings.

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