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Calculating, Analysing & Reducing Scope 3 Emissions with

Improving business sustainability doesn’t end with your own operations – it means looking at the complete supply chain.

For most organisations, Scope 3 (supply chain) make up the largest proportion of emissions – up to 80% or more! For companies looking to cut their carbon footprint and make meaningful change, they need to be addressed.

This starts with gathering the right data – and this can be a real challenge.

From calculating and analysing scope 3 emissions, to mapping your supply chain and reporting – AXIOM makes the whole process easier.

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Easily out your supply chain emissions quickly with the help of our Supply Chain Emissions Calculator – our quick, easy and automatic tool designed to streamline the SECR reporting process.

Supply Chain Emissions Calculator
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Evaluate Scope 3 emissions across all 15 GHG categories and automatically create reports for SECR compliance.

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Get a clear view over your supply chain – trace and track materials right back to the source with supply chain mapping from AXIOM.

Supply Chain Mapping
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Pull Scope 3 data together with other emissions to create a complete picture of your carbon footprint.

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