Supplier Engagement

Connect with your suppliers

Connect with Your Suppliers

Building a sustainable supply chain means engaging with all your suppliers. AXIOM makes this easy.

AXIOM Engage provides a centralised platform – streamlining and organising communication between you and your suppliers.

Whether you’re sending documents, gathering essential emissions data, or trying to calculate your Scope 3 (supply chain) emissions – managing supplier relationships is easier with AXIOM.

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Create Sustainable Supply Chains

Tangible, paperless and portable - AXIOM Engage lets you send audits and supplier forms for procurement within the system.

Supply Chains
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Collate Data

AXIOM Engage allows you to collect ESG data, collate it and feed it into other systems – allowing essential information to be easily shared for a more collaborative working relationship.

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Accurately Report on Scope 3 (Supply Chain) Emissions

Gathering accurate emissions data from suppliers can be complex and time consuming. AXIOM allows you to request essential data directly from suppliers – improving accuracy and accountability, making reporting easier, and helping you to drive sustainable change.

Scope 3
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Implement Sustainable Procurement

AXIOM Engage provides you with real visibility over the sustainability of your suppliers – so you can make better decisions when it comes to sustainable procurement.

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