Axiom Reflects on Pride

Axiom Reflects on Pride

During June, Axiom has been considering Pride, reflecting on what it means to us as individuals, understanding its importance to our working environment, and planning how to support our customers on their inclusivity journey. 

‘Pride is a celebration of how far we have come since the Stonewall riots in 1969, but also brings attention to the struggles people still have today,” says Axiom’s Gavin Gillie-Moore (He/Him), Axiom’s Data Management Specialist. 

“I think it’s important to share stories and lived experiences so people in your network understand the struggles LGBTQIA+ have daily. I love seeing when a “Hetero-normative” family brings kids to a pride event. This normalises something still illegal in some countries, and kids will see this as a celebration.”

This month, we’ve all actively decided to add our pronouns to our email signatures and LinkedIn profiles. This may look like a small change to some, but we understand the importance this can have for many people, and we want to ensure everyone we encounter is comfortable enough to share their pronouns with us.

Internally, we have listened to our team and updated our adoption policy to better support parents going through this process, demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity and support.

On our learnings and changes, Joe Oughtred (He/Him) says, ‘This pride month, I’ve become much more aware and mindful of the social imbalance. In 2024, many same-sex couples do not feel safe holding hands in public, something no one should have to think twice about. Pride month is so important to raise awareness, drive change, and highlight the social imbalance.’

We are currently focusing on the ‘S’ of ESG, recognizing its importance in strengthening our offering to both new and existing customers. We want everyone to have the tools they need to make inclusive business choices, and we believe that Axiom is the perfect tool to support everyone on their journey.

Regarding the changes we are making, Sophie Dryden (She/Her) says, ‘Pride month has started a lot of conversations in the office and made us think about the importance of measuring social metrics within a business. Our conversations have helped us push forward with the Social development of Axiom.’

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