Axiom Recap – Everybody’s Problem – Challenges in Supply Chain Sustainability

How are successful businesses using technology to deliver on sustainability goals?

Last week, business leaders and sustainability experts from across the UK gathered to discuss this very issue at Everybody’s Problem – Challenges in Supply Chain Sustainability – an event which took place at Avenue HQ based in the centre of Leeds.

We were delighted to be involved in the event, and would like to say a big thanks to everyone who attended!

It was great to join Luke Christoforidis (EnergyTech Industry Lead at Barclays Eagle Labs), Lenna Lou (Strategy Director at Westminster Council & founder of the L Factor) and David Hall (Vice President Power Systems at Schneider Electric) to offer our thoughts regarding the challenges in supply chain sustainability and hear how other organisations are utilising technology to overcome them.

The Significance of Sustainable Supply Chains

For those who couldn’t attend, the event was dedicated to discussing the current initiatives, platforms and digital strategies that forward-thinking organisations can use to transform their supply chain, accurately measure key emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

Implementing sustainable supply chains brings a wide range of both environmental and commercial benefits to a business, but can simultaneously present several challenges along the way.

Supply chains are, by their very nature, complex structures which go beyond the immediate walls of a business, encompassing third party organisations which have their own people, practices and policies in place. This means that they can be highly difficult to monitor, which makes measuring, reporting and improving on key sustainability and emissions metric a real challenge.

Using specialist technology designed to streamline and automate this process is therefore an effective solution, and is increasingly being recognised as a valuable tool in a world where businesses and environmental pressures regularly intersect.

We know just how important supply chain sustainability is in enabling organisations to grow and stay compliant – so we were grateful to be able to talk about how specialist technology like our software can help those organisations looking to reduce their environmental impact and make more sustainable decisions.

AXIOM – Creating Sustainable Supply Chains

Founded by a team of procurement and sustainability specialists with a passion for saving the planet – AXIOM provides a firm foundation for sustainable transformation.

To find out how our products can help you implement sustainability throughout the supply chain, please get in touch with our team here.

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