The 2022 Review – How Sustainability Can Save Your Business

We’re fast approaching the end of 2022, and as we move towards the festive period it’s useful to reflect on the last year.

For business owners, it’s been a difficult one – a year filled with unexpected costs, price hikes and uncertainty about what the future holds as the UK navigates inflation and an alarming increase in the cost of living.

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at the events of 2022 and will be discussing how striving to be a more sustainable business is key to surviving and thriving, even when facing difficult circumstances.

A Closer Look at 2022 – A Tough Year

The last three years haven’t been the easiest, and 2022 has presented a host of new challenges.

Although we are finally beginning to see an end to coronavirus, the geopolitical conflict in Eastern Europe and the fallout from the pandemic have had a huge knock-on effect – resulting in soaring energy prices and a multitude of supply chain issues.

The costs of running a business have risen dramatically, and the consequences can be seen in the news, with some industries struggling, and numerous companies likely facing closure this winter due to the cost of energy bills. This has been exacerbated by a decrease in custom caused by a change in people’s spending habits, who are also feeling the pinch.

Looking Forwards – The Importance of Business Sustainability

Despite this, there have been some positives!

The topics of climate change and sustainability have been pushed to the fore, with more discussions around how we advance our sustainability and tackle the issue of climate change. COP27 continued the important conversations from last years summit – this time focusing on the themes of decarbonization, the energy transition, innovative solutions, pro-climate finance, nature and biodiversity and more.

It also highlighted the need for action on corporate climate pledges, exploring the significance of scope emissions and whether all companies should be obliged to report.

Sustainability is finally gaining the traction and attention it needs for a difference to be made – with more business owners recognising that advancing their green credentials is no longer optional, but essential.

Using Sustainability to Futureproof Your Business

Being more sustainable is an effective way of making your business more robust – something which is crucial in these unprecedented times.

In addition to being better for the environment, striving to be sustainable can also deliver commercial benefits. For example, making the decision to advance your organisation’s sustainability gives you an opportunity to evaluate current practices and operations – and identify areas where you could improve.

This could mean looking at your supply chain and switching suppliers or replacing outdated practices with ones that are more efficient, which can help to cut costs and improve productivity in the long-term.

Changes such as these are especially valuable in times like now, where organisations from nearly all industries are facing unexpected costs and supply chain issues. Taking action to improve internal operations can therefore strengthen your business and make it more durable in challenging periods – as well as improving the reputation of your organisation.

It’s also useful when considering the increased pressure and expectation on businesses to demonstrate their sustainability credentials. There’s already an obligation for larger companies to report on emissions data and general sustainability, and it looks likely that this will include smaller organisations in the future.

Formulating a plan of action to reach net zero, or making the decision to start gathering and reporting on emissions data subsequently makes you more prepared and helps you stay compliant with increasingly stringent legislation.

Accelerating Business Sustainability with AXIOM

Measuring, calculating and reporting on emissions such as scope 1, 2 and 3 and ESG data is a great place to start when it comes to improving your business’s sustainability.

In addition to showing you where your main emissions are in your business and supply chain – it also highlights the main areas of unsustainability, enabling you to instigate change and try to improve it. Data delivers the tangible and clear information that allows you to track progress whilst also helping you to make better decisions.

As we move towards an uncertain future that is marked by specific sustainability goals and expectations, there’s never been a better time to take the first steps to start improving or implementing sustainability in your business. This starts by measuring your current progress, and collecting key emissions data is essential.

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Wherever you’re at in your sustainability journey – we can help you to ensure that your business continually improves and achieves its sustainability goals.

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