The Waterline Summit – Reflections & Highlights

Axiom co-founder Daniel Usifoh speaking at The Waterline Summit 2021
AXIOM co-founder Daniel Usifoh presenting at The Waterline Summit

This year’s Waterline Summit was highly educational, and provided a great opportunity for businesses across the Humber region to connect and share what they’re doing to implement sustainability and fight climate change.

With COP26 drawing ever closer, it was inspiring to be part of an event that champions the same goal of Net Zero and we look forward to seeing what future positive changes it inspires.

Helping businesses to make more environmentally friendly choices is our area of specialty, so we were incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to speak about sustainable procurement in the discussion: Moving to Green – Why? How? Who? When?

Sustainable Procurement For A Greener Future

We spoke on the Wednesday afternoon as part of Clean Road Transport Day. Alongside representatives from Aura and East Riding Council, we explored why it’s more essential than ever for businesses to demonstrate green credentials and what this means in practice.

Our co-founder, Daniel Usifoh, also shared his expertise on how to effectively implement sustainable procurement.

The Waterline Summit in Review

Spread over 5 days and with over 100 speakers, this event provided a wealth of opportunity to learn from, and meet likeminded people from a diverse range of different industries.

The AXIOM team were out and about across the week, and were fortunate enough to attend several events and talks.

Our personal highlights included the panel discussion from the opening event – A Question of Carbon. This drew attention to the scale of the issues we’re facing in terms of carbon emissions and plastic use, but also provided some optimism about our ability to come together and find solutions on the road to Net Zero.

It was great to listen to Ruth Herbert talk about the future of Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) in The Future of Energy, and Tristan Allen made some fantastic points about the potential of electric cargo bikes to help solve congestion and reduce transport emissions in our cities in his talk Accelerating to Zero Emission Transport.

Hearing about Chris Ramsey’s ambitious Plug in Adventures plan to drive from pole to pole in an electric car was inspiring, and was a great way to challenge misconceptions about the real world utility of electric vehicles.

Sustainable Business – About The Waterline Summit

The Waterline Summit is the North of England’s biggest and most important decarbonization event. It’s been great to see our local area of Hull play such an integral part in climate change activism and provide a platform for businesses like ourselves to talk about sustainability and its necessity for a greener future.

Thank you very much to The Waterline Summit for having us – it was a great few days and we hope to return in the neat future.

The Waterline Summit ran from 18 – 22 October 2021, hosting hybrid and online events at Aura Innovation Centre and streamed via hub.

Daniel Usifoh spoke on Clean Road Transport Day at the event Moving to Green – Why? How? Who When? on Wednesday, 20 October, 14:00 – 16:00.

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