Wykeland is one of the Humber region’s leading construction businesses with decades of experience designing,developing and delivering bespoke and multi use spaces in a variety of sectors. Skilled in both renovating existing buildings and constructing new developments from the ground up, Wykeland have worked on a wide portfolio of projects around Yorkshire and the Humber, and across the UK.

With over 50 years of experience, Wykeland has established a reputation as a leading property developer and are dedicated to operating in ways that have minimal impact on the environment.

The Challenge

The Wykeland team wanted to minimise the environmental impact, but had no experience in gathering, tracking oranalysing its Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions..

The business’s lack of visibility over key emissions data was preventing Wykeland from achieving its long-term sustainability goals. Without a clear picture on Scopes 1, 2 and 3, the company simply couldn’t identify areas of the business and supply chain that needed improving.

As Scope 3 emissions include those produced throughout the supply chain, they can be notoriously tricky to control. Manually gathering and collating this data would have been highly impractical – so a specialist solution was required.

The Solution

Wanting to understand Scope emissions more thoroughly was a priority for Wykeland, so we first took time to explain them in detail – discussing the importance of each and exploring the challenges associated with each respective Scope.

After examining the current operations, we identified that Wykeland would benefit from use of our full software package which covers all features associated with ESG reporting. This included a full Scope 3 report, and a calculation of supply chain emissions.

The Result

Wykeland now has a clear insight into their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions data, which has informed their decision making about which parts of the business supply chain they need to work on to advance their sustainability.

This has also prompted them to implement systems that measure energy use – so they can accurately monitor their progress going forward.

Since gaining insight into all Scope emissions, Wykeland will now be targeting areas of sustainability that fall outside of the environment. Recognising that true sustainability encompasses the people and processes behind a business, they will now be using AXIOM’s specialist software to improve the social side of their ESG credentials.

“We’re passionate about providing places for the next generation to thrive, and doing it in a way which is mindful of the planet. This means taking control of our direct environmental impact – so we knew we had to start proactively measuring and reducing our carbon footprint.

AXIOM has helped us accelerate our sustainability journey by equipping us with the essential tools to measure our key emissions, including Scope 3. This has enabled us to report with clarity and confidence.

Achieving true sustainability throughout our supply chain will be a long process – but AXIOM have helped us tremendously, advising us on both processes and what the best approach is regarding complex emissions data.”

Ian Franks
Finance Director , Wykeland

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